My work is largely collaborative and temporal in nature; formal recorded outputs are few, but performances and site specific works are many.

Collaboration with mutiple creative,funding and other project partners forms a regular feature of my work

Below are a few such examples.

The Cut (2014 - Dead Rat Orchestra)

supported by Arts Council England, Sound and Music and the Canal and River Trust


A unique across the canals and waterways of Southern England, from London to Bristol via Oxford.


DRO aimed to use the 273 mile odyssey to chart these inland waters, gathering an informal history of England's once thriving industrial arteries, exploring social, historical and musical roots.  Having researched and developed musical material about and from this history they stopped daily to perform and interact with locals along the route, sharing stories and learning new ones, making connections.  Often packing up and moving on in their boat 'Gemini II' shortly after performances, the sense of Journey was at the forefront of this tour, more than any other, with the music and performances developing in unexpected ways that reflected the nature of their movement.

Tyburnia (2015 - Dead Rat Orchestra / James Holcombe)

supported by Arts Council England, Colchester Arts Centre, Norwich Arts Centre, and Antigen Records


For over 700 years there was a site of execution at Tyburn in London. Here those who fell foul of political, religious and judicial reforms enacted by the state were executed for public entertainment and instruction. A study of those executed at Tyburn charts a history of the UK, illustrating the twists and turns of monarchical and political whimsy, church and state, and the birth of capitalism.


Tyburnia 2015 was a touring  live sound track performed to James Holcombes film Tyburnia. The tour visited 18 locations across England and Scotland, targetting locations where public executions once took place.

The Tyburnia Tour (2017 - Dead Rat Orchestra / James Holcombe / Lisa Knapp)

supported by Arts Council England, and Rattis Books and Antigen Records


A reworking of the Tyburnia into an expanded film exeperience, including live sound track performance by Dead Rat Orchestra in collaboartion with Lisa Knapp and live film projection performance by James Holbcombe, utilising 6 analogue projectors.

Cairokee UK Tour (2016 - El-Wekala UK)

supportred by Marsm


Working with El-Wekala UK and Marsm, planned and organised a UK tour for one of Egypt's leading bands.

Massar Egbari UK Tour (2015 - El-Wekala UK)

supported by Arts Council England, British Council, Shubbak Festival and Marsm


Working with El-Wekala UK and Marsm, planned and organised a UK tour for one of Egypt's leading bands.

Asfour / Merrill Duo (2013 - 2015 with Ayman Asfour)

supported by International Artists Development Fund (Arts Council England), Goldsmiths Univerity ICCE, European Cultural Foundation, I-Act (Egypt) Gudran (Egypt), Colchester Arts Centre and Norwich Arts Centre.


Initiated in 2013 through the Artists International Development Fund, through which I undertook a 6 week touring residency between Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. The resulting duo between Egyptian violinist Ayman Asfour and myself performed in Egypt and Denmark at the Copenhagen Jazz Fewstival and the Fanø Free Folk Festival.

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Kaddal Merrill - Rain Over Nubia Album and Tour(2019)

supported by Arts Council England, Colchester Arts Center and Antigen Records

A collaboration with Fayrouz Kaddal, an Egyptian flautist and anthropologist, exploring personal connections with colonial legacies and their impact of Egyptian Nubian's for the construction of the Aswan High Dam in 1964.  Musically drawing on the couples different musical heritages but share passion for music as performative storytelling.